Five Ways to Maintain the Whole Family’s Dental Health This Holiday Season

By |December 14th, 2016|Blog|Comments Off on Five Ways to Maintain the Whole Family’s Dental Health This Holiday Season

Oral health should be a family affair, something that everyone can get on board with. We understand, though, that during the holidays, proper dental health can be pushed to the wayside. Suddenly, there’s so much more to think about, so many more errands to run, and a whole lot of sweet treats to eat. Outlined below are five tips on how to keep your family’s oral care a priority during the busiest time of the year.


  1. Make it a fun competition. Keep a brush-tally in your bathroom. At the end of the week, the most frequent brusher wins a small prize. Alternatively, pick your favorite holiday song to brush to – whoever can brush for the whole song gets the win.
  2. Avoid over-doing it with candy and sweet treats. We know that the holiday season is a time for indulging in all kinds of sugar. Always keep in mind, though, that consuming sugar leads to tooth decay and cavities. Try to keep your sugar consumption at a low. If a sweet treat is absolutely necessary, wash the sugar off of your teeth with a big swish of water.
  3. If you have young children, draft a letter from Santa. For kids, Old Saint Nick is all-powerful. In your best cursive writing, have Santa Claus tell your kids that he is looking out for brushing and flossing. There’s nothing like the fear of coal on Christmas morning to encourage proper dental care. If Santa doesn’t exist in your household, try a letter from the Tooth Fairy!
  4. Be prepared. During the month of December, travel rates skyrocket. If you’re traveling this holiday season, make sure you bring a small pack of floss, a travel toothbrush, and some mouthwash. These materials will come in handy more frequently than you think.
  5. Honor appointments. Time off from work and school means higher patient traffic for a variety of medical practices. Although it might seem tedious to take an hour out of your busy day to go to the dentist, we promise it is well worth it.


Proper dental health care is essential not just for your family’s teeth, but also for their overall well-being. It is important to maintain your healthy smile every day, and even more so during the holiday season. Because, at the end of the day, your family’s health is the greatest gift of all.