Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy This Halloween

By |October 13th, 2016|Blog|Comments Off on Keep Your Children’s Teeth Healthy This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and everyone should be able to enjoy everything the holiday has to offer, including the candies and treats. From class parties to trick-or-treating, your children’s teeth (and potentially yours, too) may be bathing in sugars and sweets all day long.

Follow these simple tips to maintain your family’s strong, healthy smiles:

  1. Avoid sticky and hard candies. Candies such as gummy worms and lollipops cling to teeth and provide a long-lasting environment for bacteria to develop, which can ultimately lead to tooth decay. Instead, try chocolates or other classic candies that disintegrate quickly.
  2. Allow several treats all at once. Instead of having your child munch on sweets and treats throughout the day, encourage them to have their fill in one sitting, perhaps after dinner. This way, they can brush immediately after, preventing their teeth from sitting in the sugar and acidic ingredients all day long.
  3. Make healthy treats appealing. Dress up the healthy treats in Halloween attire to appeal more to the little ones. Make frozen bananas into friendly ghosts with chocolate chip eyes. For more awesome ideas, click here.
  4. Brush, brush, brush! Keep your family on track and maintain your healthy at-home oral care routines. Brush twice and floss once daily, and enjoy all the treats you like this Halloween!

By following these four steps and maintaining your at-home oral care routine, you and your children will successfully make it through Halloween, while preserving your pearly whites.

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